Sunday, 15 January 2012

Your own workflow 2

For one of my TAOP projects I spent a little time in Selsey Bill, a sea-side town on the South coast of the UK. I have another visit planned with a friend as there was a good variety of stuff to shoot and it will be interesting to visit at a different time of year. This day out will be the ideal subject for exercise 2.

The planning for this workflow starts at the equipment checking stage. Importance is placed on battery life and memory card capacity to sustain a day's worth of shooting - I am anticipating a large number of shots. It may be necessary to delete some of the shots during the day.

With this shoot the majority of the work will start when back at home. There will be many images to check over and maybe edit.

Below is my flow chart for this shoot.

(click for larger image)

The trip is planned in a weeks time after which I evaluate how well the workflow functioned.