Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Digital Photographic Practice - 1st post!

I have just completed my first OCA module ‘The art of photography’ which will be submitted in January for the 15th of March for assessment.

Whilst working on my Blog for the first module I made some firm decisions about what I wanted to do in my next Blog. For example, I found that a lot of my images were a bit ‘utilitarian’ and had started to drift away from ‘art’ in order to complete the exercises. In some cases there was no alternative to this but in my second module I would like to try and redress this and make the most creative shot wherever possible.

Another area where I wish to make a change is to print out the images for assignments so that I can supply them to the moderators as prints at the end of this module. I am also considering keeping a paper version of the Blog but haven’t come up with the best way of doing this yet. Maybe I will print out the posts and keep them in a scrap book? This is for the sole purpose of having a record of all the work to look back on in years to come and should anything happen to the internet version.

My books arrived last week and I been in contact with my new tutor, so now all that’s left is to get started!

I will be working with my Canon 5D MKII again but have added a compact camera with manual controls, the Canon S95. I bought this to have a small camera that I could carry around all the time. It should also come in handy for street & candid photography due to it’s small size.

Just for fun I have also bought a little old 35mm camera, an Agfa Silette 1.This is purely manual with no exposure meter. I have it loaded with a black & white film to see what I can do with it. This sweet little camera came from a car boot sale for £2.

Agfa Silette 1