Sunday, 22 January 2012

Your own workflow 2 - Continued

The visit to Selsey Bill went ahead and I shot 160 images. I did delete a couple throughout the day but only when I found them to be really bad. This was because I had enough memory card space to carry on shooting and I find it easier to assess the shots on the computer monitor rather than the small display on the back of the camera.

I also spent time checking the histogram on location as I have rolled this exercise partially into the histogram exercise. Below is an image of the Canon RAW converter and image viewer with shots from the day.

Images in the Canon RAW converter (click for larger image)

I ended up with a number of shots that range from the record shots to artistic blurs and slow shutter speed work, which I am very interested in at the moment.

I created the receiving folder structure as planned in the flow chart and carried out a backup of the drive as soon as I had all the RAW files copied from the camera card.

At the moment I am still editing the images so I will come back to report on that aspect of the workflow when I have completed this. I edit most of my images down to display on Flickr but keep the Photoshop files in full size as I occasionally print these out for entry into the camera club competitions or exhibition.