Monday, 10 February 2014

A web gallery

The web gallery project is an interesting idea. I have at this stage not created a custom gallery from scratch but utilised some available services on the internet, both of them free.

For quite some time I have been running a Flickr account to showcase some of my work. This holds just under 300 images at the time of writing. When using Flickr you have the ability to create folders and sets, a way to categorise your work.

My Flicker photo-stream can be found here, but there is also a Flickr widget on the right hand side of this page.

As my main interest is in portrait/fashion photography, I have also created a second site using Tumblr. This is again free and I have selected a default template with minimalistic features. The Tumblr site also has blogging capabilities and is intended for micro-blogging. This can be handy for little notes about your work which will appear in the image stream.

My Tumblr site can be found here.

Both sites perform slightly different roles and have different viewing capabilities. Flickr provides a more structured layout where you can select the category of work you want to look at whereas Tumblr provides the means to just sit back and scroll through the images, one after the other in a sort of vertical timeline fashion.